Sedona Group performs all services necessary to enhance the income of all properties it manages. We keep expenses to a minimum and maintain all properties to the highest physical standards. We continue to apply long-standing, proven techniques, which assure economic efficiency and maximize the true internal rate of return for each property we manage. We deliver custom-designed, individual, administrative and maintenance profiles for each property, paving the way for a cost-effective route to attain the best bottom line. In addition, we provide aggressive “hands on” management with experienced on-site teams. Responses to emergencies are handled with our in-house maintenance staff and our phones are manned 24 hours per day. Advanced accounting and financial services powered by state-of-the-art computer hardware and software are performed by our highly qualified staff members trained to scope financial reports and to flag operating budget variances on any given day. Our philosophy is, and has always been, that a commitment to excellence combined with personal service and knowledge of the increasingly changing real estate marketplace, provides success for our clients, tenants, lenders, and our company.